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What benefits can I experience?
The installation of AtticBlanket by a trained professional can:
1. Cut heating and cooling bills substantially.
2. Save wear and tear on heating and cooling equipment.
3. Help eliminate hot and cold spots.
4. Create a comfortable home environment.
5. Potentially increase resale value of the home.
6. Help preserve the environment.
7. Help America become less dependent on foreign energy.
How does AtticBlanket work?
AtticBlanket enhances the performance of mass insulation by increasing the thermal efficiency without occupying or increasing space.

Many products claim energy conservation, but none with the advantages of AtticBlanket reflective insulation.
In addition AtticBlanket is:
• non-toxic
• closed cell blanket
• no fiberglass
• insect / bird resistant
• Class A / Class 1 fire rated
• enhances mass insulation
• blocks 97% of radiant heat
• perforated, will not trap moisture
• lifetime warranty against defects
• fire/flood replacement guarantee
Where is AtticBlanket installed?
AtticBlanket is installed by trained professionals. It is placed on top of your regular insulation like a blanket or attached to the rafters in your attic. AtticBlanket's modern, lightweight construction makes it the perfect partner for mass insulation in attics and crawl spaces. It is also ideal for hot water heaters, pipes, overhead doors, house wraps and many other insulation applications.
How Powerful is AtticBlanket?
AtticBlanket employs two reflective surfaces that are over 99% pure aluminum on each side of it's center closed cell blanket. This technology reflects 97% of the radiant heat.

Consider this: Paramedics use aluminum in emergency blankets. Firefighters use aluminum space blankets to help protect them from fire storms. NASA uses aluminum in the astronauts space suits, shuttle, and lunar module to help protect them from the extreme hot and cold temperatures. In addition, AtticBlanket's center core closed cell blanket adds an additional R-value based on the area of installation.

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